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Free Shipping & 30 Days Hassle-Free Returns

The Precision Electric Screwdriver Set

Original price €47,95 - Original price €76,95
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€47,95 - €76,95
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Variant: 28 in 1 set

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The Precision Electric Screwdriver is designed with durable aluminum, equipped with high-quality S-2 magnetic bits. It is powered by 250mah rechargeable lithium ion battery. It is suitable for all your DIY projects and more.

28 in 1 Set includes:

1 × Precision Screwdriver
24 × Precision Bits
1 × USB Cable
1 × Magnetizer & demagnetizer device
1 x Plastic ply tool

62 in 1 Set includes:

1 × Precision Screwdriver
48 × Precision Bits
1 × USB Cable
1 × Magnetic Worktable Pad
1 × Magnetizer & demagnetizer device
4 × Pry Piece
1 × Sucker
1 × Card picker
3× crowbar
1 × Stainless steel tweezers

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Precision Electric Cordless Screwdriver

Don't underestimate its power!

We all have a weakness for saving time, so no more manual work as the Precision Electric Screwdriver is here to help!

This tiny screwdriver can really pack a punch! Plus, you'll enjoy the easy one-handed operation design.

And now that the Cordless Electric Screwdriver is on sale, it's easy to make the most of this valuable addition to your tool kit.

Precision Electric Cordless Screwdriver

The perfect screwdriver for all your DIY projects

A powerful lithium-ion battery allows this cordless precision screwdriver to work for hours on end with no fatigue or stress.

The included built in light helps you see what you’re working on so you can make adjustments quickly.

Precision Electric Cordless Screwdriver

No more worries about reaching tight spaces!

With this product, you can easily disassemble and reassemble small screws and bolts, as well as make adjustments to small electric appliances.

The design of the head makes it easier to reach tight spaces, so you don't have to worry about accidentally damaging your project.

Precision Electric Cordless Screwdriver

Features & Benifits

✅ Ergonomic Design - Electric Screwdriver Set is designed with durable aluminum alloy surface, equipped with high-quality S2 steel screwdriver magnetic bits.

S2 Steel Magnetic BitsThe S2 steel screwdriver magnetic bits are designed to help you for all your projects, and the pen-shaped design makes handling them easy.

✅ Rechargable - Powered by 350mAh rechargeable lithium battery, 30~40 mins charging time, it can work continuously for 2-3 hours with enough power for your work.

High Speed & Powerful - This mini screwdriver has a rotate speed of 200r/min, automatic/manual mode with 0.25-0.35/3Nm torque and wireless design.

✅ Built-in LED Light - This precision electric screwdriver is designed with 360° shadow-less lighting and embeds 3 LED lights to brighten the working area. 

✅ Widely Applicable - This Power screwdriver is suitable for the quartz watch, cameras, radios, tablets, PCs, cellphones, drones, joysticks, laptops, iPhones, Eyeglasses, Macbooks, and toys, etc. 

✅ Great Gift - It's a great gift for your friend or family member who is into DIY stuff.

Precision Electric Cordless Screwdriver
You will never be afraid of the DIY jobs with this electric screwdriver set. It is durable, quick, and easy to use. Your devices will thank you for saving them from being damaged by manual tasks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these screwdriver sets suitable for laptop repairing?

These screwdriver sets are suitable for the quartz watch, cameras, radios, tablets, PCs, cellphones, drones, joysticks, laptops, iPhones, Eyeglasses, Macbooks, and toys, etc. 

Can it be used while charging?

Yes it can be used while charging and it is completely safe to do so.

Can this electric screwdriver be used manually?

Yes, it acts like a manual screwdriver when the buttons aren't pressed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Christopher Lynch
Cordless & Lightweight

This product is really convenient because it is cordless and lightweight. I like that I can use it in areas where I have a lot of wires and cords without worrying that the product might get stuck. It is also very easy to use, and I can get the job done quickly.

Alda W.
I love it

I love this electric screwdriver because it is so easy to use. I never have to worry about short cords, it is light-weight, and it feels good in my hand. It is also easy to maneuver, and the battery lasts a long time! This is a great cordless electric screwdriver.

Paige Wyman

I love this product because it is so easy to use. It does not take up much space and the battery timing is also pretty good. It is so easy to use and allows me to complete a project in a snap. I love that it is cordless and lightweight. I also love the design and how easy it is to use.


I use this electric screwdriver to help with all the projects around the house. This tool is perfect for removing those screws that are especially tough because they are so hard to get to. I also love that this tool is so easy to use and has a sleek design.

Ofelia Tremblay

This is a must-have for any home. I love using this tool because it is so powerful for its size. It's so easy to use and I love that I don't have to worry about the cord getting in the way. The tool is lightweight and the battery life is really long. I've saved so much time using this tool and I can easily carry it with me in my purse to use when I need it.